KFS Fire Safe Valves

KFS Fire Safe Valves

KFS Fire Safe Valve

KFS Fire Safe Valve™ Safety System

Operating Principle

The Fire Safe Oil Control System provides two spring-loaded, thermally actuated valves. In the event of a fire, these valves automatically close, stopping the flow of oil from the crankcase of the engine and from the reserve oil supply.


  • Lower insurance rates
  • Protection in case of fire to equipment
  • Protection of personnel
  • Protection to environment
  • Prevents oil supply from feeding a fire


Materials of Construction

  • Valve Body  Zinc Plated Carbon Steel (KFS) 316 Stainless Steel (KFS-SS)
  • Spring  Stainless Steel (Inconel on 10-KFS)
  • Valve Plunger  Carbon Steel (KFS) 316 Stainless Steel (KFS-SS)
  • Seal Material  Fluorcarbon
  • Thermal Fuse  Alloy Fuse Link (360°F Melting Temperature)
  • Maximum Working Pressure – 70 psig (4.82 bar)

* Other construction materials and sizes available. Consult factory for options.

Process Connections

  • 50-KFS = 1/2″ FNPT
  • 75-KFS = 3/4″ FNPT
  • 10-KFS = 1″ FNPT
  • 125-KFS = 1-1/4″ FNPT
  • 15-KFS = 1-1/2″ FNPT
  • 20-KFS = 2″ FNPT