KPRL Low Pressure Regulator

KPRL Low Pressure Regulator

KPRL Low Pressure Regulator

The model KPRL is a direct-acting pressure reducing regulator for use with natural gas, air, and a variety of other gases. The regulator outlet pressure is controlled by a diaphragm and an adjustable spring. As the downstream demand for flow changes, the downstream pressure changes. These pressure changes are registered by the diaphragm and will open or close the valve as needed to maintain the downstream pressure and flow requirements. There are five orifice sizes and five springs available to cover a wide range of application conditions. With the correct orifice and spring combination, the Kenco model KPRL Low Pressure Regulator will maintain a constant pressure downstream while meeting downstream flow requirements.


1” or 2” NPT, 1” or 2” 150 / 300 / 600 lb. raised face flanged process connections.
3/4” NPT vent connection with removable screened plug.
Five different orifice sizes to accommodate a wide range of flow requirements.
Orifice, seal holder, and valve stem all come standard in 316 Stainless Steel.
Wear items can be replaced without removing the body from the piping setup.
Carbon steel body rated for 2000 psi of inlet pressure.
Diaphragm housing and spring housing constructed of sturdy die cast aluminum.
Diaphragm housing and spring housing can be rotated in multiple orientations.
Protective cap with UV inhibitor allows for tamper resistant pressure settings.
10 to 95 psi utility spring available.
Wetted pressure retaining components on NPT models comply with
NACE MR0175.


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Dehydration Systems
Gas Gathering
Farm Taps
Flare and Burner Systems


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