Drum Gauges

Drum Gauges

Drum Gauge

Drum Gauges


KENCO Drum Gauges are an important part of a chemical injection skid. Drum Gauges are used to visually monitor the liquid level inventory in horizontal 55 gallon chemical storage tanks. In addition, several models come complete with a test valve to set the injection rate of a chemical metering pump.


  • Volume scale in gallons and liters is provided for visual reference
  • Chemical injection rate scale is calibrated in quarts/24 hours and liters/24 hours
  • Available in a wide range of materials for ultimate corrosion resistance
  • Models available to accommodate diaphragm operated pumps
  • Can handle pump rates up to 19.5 Gallons per Day and 74 Liters per Day
  • Installs easily in 3/4″ NPS outlet of drum head
  • Aflas O-ring seal are standard for all units
  • Adjustable stainless steel gauge markers for easy calibration

The One Minute Test:

To check the pumping rate of a chemical pump, depress the valve handle (or close the ball valve on Model K599).This will isolate the Drum Gauge from the storage tank. Hold the valve closed for one minute and observe the change in level on the scale cast inside the gauge frame. The scale on the left hand side of the gauge glass is calibrated in quarts per 24 hours and the scale on the right is calibrated in liters per 24 hours. The rate observed is the actual chemical pump rate. If the rate is not the one desired, make an adjustment to the chemical pump feed rate and conduct as many one minute tests as is necessary to set the chemical pump rate to the rate desired.


779 Drum Gauge 599 Drum Gauge 779 Drum Gauge 596 Drum Gauge 779-KS DRUM GAUGE 810 DRUM GAUGE 787 DRUM GAUGE


K596 Drum Gauge

596 Drum Gauge

Mounts in the 3/4″ outlet of a horizontal 55 gallon drum. The glass sight tube is protected by a cast aluminum frame which is calibrated in gallons and liters, indicating the liquid content of the drum. 

K599 Drum Gauge

599 Drum Gauge

Supplied with a 3/4″ ball valve which when closed provides a means for checking the pump rate of a chemical pump. The connection for the chemical pump suction port is 1/4″ FNPT and is located on the front of the mounting nipple.


779 Drum Gauge

779 Drum Gauge

Comes complete with a spring loaded test valve for checking injection rates of chemical pumps. This gauge also mounts in the 3/4″ tank outlet and indicates tank volume in gallons and liters. The connection for the chemical pump suction line is 1/4″ MNPT and is located as shown in the photograph.


779-KS Drum Gauge


Is designed to accommodate the mounting of some diaphragm operated chemical pumps on its side mounted 1/4″ MNPT outlet. Use this gauge to check the operation of any chemical pump. If the check valve of the chemical pump is not functioning properly the fluid level in the sight tube of the drum gauge will pulsate between pump strokes when the valve of the gauge is closed. The valve body has an extra long throat.


787 Drum Gauge


Provides a visual gauge indicating the chemical content of the drum and is supplied with a 2″ vented elbow for refilling the drum. The gauge is secured to the malleable iron elbow with a stainless steel clamp.


810 Drum Gauge


The same as a 779 Drum Gauge, except valve nipple is longer to compensate for the vented elbow and elbow clamp supplied with this unit. The gauge is supplied with a vented 2″ malleable iron elbow for refilling the drum and a test valve for checking the pumping rate.


779-PB Drum Gauge

779 Drum Gauge

Has a heavy-duty PVC head with a push-pull test valve. The Drum Gauge frame is our standard cast aluminum. There is a brace to support the weight of the gauge that is connected to the top of the drum rim and it also stabilizes the gauge from lateral movement. It has a 1/4″ female NPT outlet.


Optional Vent Connection

The Drum Gauges are vented to atmosphere. These gauges can be supplied with a 1/4″ FNPT connection to vent the gauge back into the tank. To specify gauges with this connection, add “V” to the product number, i.e. 779-V.