30000 Series Pump Setting Gauge

30000 Series Pump Setting Gauge

30000 Series Pump Setting Gauge

30000 Series Pump Setting Gauge


The stay rod type pump setting gauges are used to calibrate the flow rate of chemical metering pumps and chemical injection systems. They are also used to periodically monitor the performance and accuracy of a chemical injection system. It can also be used as the primary containment reservoir of a fluid that will be pumped into a chemical injection system.

The One Minute Test

To check the pumping rate of a chemical pump, isolate the chemical in the tank from the pump setting gauge. One of the stay rods supporting the gauge glass is calibrated in division marks that represent either gallons per hour, gallons per day, liters per hour, liters per day, gallons, or liters. Keep the isolating valve closed and observe the number of marks the fluid level passes in one minute. This will give you the actual chemical pump rate. If the rate is not the one desired, make an adjustment to the chemical pump feed rate and conduct as many one minute tests as is necessary to set the chemical pump rate to the rate desired.

Gauge Features

  • Maximum pressure is static head pressure (KENCO recommends a polycarbonate tubular shield or expanded metal gauge guard if there is any pressure present in system).
  • Borosilicate sight tube is standard. Plastic tubing may be substituted.
  • Multiple o-ring seal options are available.
  • Gauges are available with 6 standard options on scale calibration units (GPH, LPH, GPD, LPD, GBV, & LBV). Nameplate on lower end plate will identify the scale units. Gauge glass repair kits include calibrated scale to insure gauge accuracy.


Model Specifications

30016 16 GPD 0.5 GPD 1/4″ NPT
30030 30 GPD 1 GPD 1/4″ NPT
30060 60 GPD 1 GPD 1/2″ NPT
30096 96 GPD 2 GPD 1/2″ NPT
30144 144 GPD 5 GPD 1/4″ NPT
30216 216 GPD 5 GPD 1/2″ NPT
30280 280 GPD 5 GPD 1/2″ NPT
30420 420 GPD 10 GPD 1/2″ NPT
30580 580 GPD 10 GPD 3/4″ NPT
30700 700 GPD 20 GPD 3/4″ NPT
31440 1440 GPD 25 GPD 1″ NPT

End Plate Material

  • CS = Carbon Steel
  • S6 = 316 Stainless Steel
  • P = Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
  • C = Chlorinated Polyvinyl Chloride (CPVC)


  • V = Fluorocarbon
  • A = Aflas
  • B = Buna-N
  • EP = Ethylene Propylene
  • TES = PTFE Encapsulated Silicone

* Other Seal Materials Available. Consult Factory For Options.

Scale Options

  • GPH = Gallons Per Hour
  • LPH = Liters Per Hour
  • GPD = Gallons Per Day
  • LPD = Liters Per Day
  • GBV = Gallons By Volume
  • LBV = Liters By Volume

* NOTE: Scale type based on a one minute test. * Other Scale Options Available. Consult Factory For Options.

Sight Tube Shield Options

  • S = Standard/No Shield
  • LS = Lexan Shield
  • GG = Expanded Metal Guard